I love to tell stories and strongly think in order to make a difference we need to listen to needs. Personal or collective needs. The needs from persons or the need of nature. 

With the power of ideas, concepts and materials we can shape our surroundings. With simplicity that is defined by the story, materiality or shape I dive into researches and create concepts or products that embrace our lives, give thought or engage our senses. 

During my education at the Design Academy Eindhoven I learned to find relevance in our nowadays society. Collaborations with the Dutch Public Ministery and Philips thought me to connect to the real with keeping imagination. 

As a designer I developed interests in our health and our senses and how these two things determine our environment. I feel that in our nowadays lives we lost our connection. Doing too many things in too little time. Leaving moments of care or wonder to the side. I believe in the strenght of giving attention. To care for our surroundings, environment, one other and ofcourse for ourselves.

To always approach with thought and handle with care.