All photo's by Fabian Calis   

All photo's by Fabian Calis





The air in our homes got polluted by the way we live our lives. Gasses, smoke, toxins and chemicals are part of the air we daily breathe. These particles coming from cleaning detergens, deodorant, car gasses, cigarettes and so on. This, has its effect on our body and our environment. 

Respiratory problems are on the rise and cities need to deal more and more with smog problems.

Activated charcoal is a very porous material. It adsorbs toxins, chemicals, gasses and bad smells for the air. Leaving fresh, healty oxygen for us to breathe. 

Collected in a filter fabric the charcoal can be hung in our homes. Above the bed or in the office. Passive the 

charcoal adsorbs particles by the airstream. But it can be given a boost by a soft turn with the hands.