All photo's by Fabian Calis

All photo's by Fabian Calis


aer: Evaporate


Where is the air any fresher than by the sea. Since acient times the ocean air is used as a treatment for coughing, better breathing, COPD and other respiratory problems. 

The wind and sun evaporates the water in the air. The air we inhale. The salt water can help us to breathe easy and reliefs us from allergies and breath related problems.

But it are not only our lungs that breathe. Our skin does as well. Our skin is the largest organ we contain. It reflects on the environment where it lives in. When the air around us is dry this will show a reflection on our skin. Evaporated salt water can help to heal our skin by putting the humidity on a higher level. The combination of the salt that is also known for its disinfectant proberties and the water will create a good environment for our skin and lungs. 

Sea breeze is an object that can be placed in any environment. It is a collection of objects that create a ritual to steam your airways and clean the skin.

Sea salt can be placed in the basin. When boiling water is added the salt will solve in the water and start to evaporate.

The evaporated salt has a very fine structure can be used to exfoliate the body.