All photo's by Fabian Calis

All photo's by Fabian Calis


aer: release

We live our lives too clean. Because of this fact our immune system does not develop in its fullest. The concequence of this is that we nowadays face more and more allergies, astma and anti-inflammation diseases. Especially in city’s and urban area’s. 

Soil contains important bacteria for our health. It serves a good immune system and a healty body. 

Soil itself is a living matter. Millions of microbes and bacteria harvest themselves in this substance. To maintain this ecosystem soil needs to be kept moist. 

Rain, spraying or dripping water on dry earth releases aerosols in the air. These aerosols contain the bacteria of the earth we ingest or inhale when we spend time around earth.

Objects made from concrete filled with soil, small to large that can be placed in any enviroment. Objects that need care and tools to do this. These tools are designed to release as much of aerosols as possible. Let the bacteria release in the air. To let us be soiled.